REWARD Field tests Naples:

Italian Fire Brigades med

Picture nº1: Italian Fire brigades: On 15th May 2014 the first field test of the REWARD system was held at the Italian Fire Brigades Headquarter in Naples (Italy).

Measurement of radioactivity med

Picture nº2: Two radioactive sources (60Co and 226Ra) are placed in a controlled environment inside the Fire Brigades Headquarter. All the operators are wearing dosimeters.

REWARD Sensing tag med

Picture nº3: The REWARD sensing units (Tags) are placed on the back seats of the cars provided by the Civil Protection of Campania region.

REWARD measurement med

Picture nº4: The cars equipped with REWARD Tags are moving, the radioactive sources are detected and the alarm is received by the operator. Once received the alarm, the cars stopped, while the TAGs are identifying the radioactive sources, acquiring their spectra.

REWARD radiation maps med

Picture nº5: Inside the Central and Control Station the localization of the tags and sources are visualized in a map. The data (total energy and counter) and spectra of two radioactive sources for each sensing unit (TAGs) are acquired.

REWARD Consortium med

Picture nº6: After a successful measurement campaign and meeting, the REWARD partners, coming from 8 research institutes and companies around Europe with the participation of 4 end users from Italy and Spain, are ready for further development and field tests. Stay update!