REWARD Final Workshop

Picture of the group  med
The REWARD final workshop was successfully held on 23rd and 24th October 2014 at Mostra d’oltremare (Naples) with around 50 participants including EC projects’ coordinators and partners, research centers and institutions dealing with nuclear radiation detection, industries and several representatives from Security Forces.

Speakers from 9 different European countries presented their work related to Security topics and mainly focused on systems able to detect and identify nuclear materials in the environment. The presentations are available as pdf file here.

On the 23rd October in the afternoon a live demo was organized at the Fire Brigades Headquarter and two radioactive sources (Ra226 and Co60) were successfully detected and identified by the REWARD system. At the meeting room, the chairman was explaining the different steps of the streaming demo also explaining the functionalities of the multi touch console, showing the background map, alarms, spectra, etc. After the live demo, the audience had the opportunity to interact with the REWARD sensing unit and with 2 multi-touch screens. A small exhibition area was besides organized with the instruments currently used by the CBRNe department of the Italian Fire Brigades.

On the 24th October, during the End Users roundtable, some topics related to the nuclear radiation detection scenarios and requirements were briefly discussed with the contributions from the Civil Protection of Regione Campania, the Italian Fire Brigades, the Spanish Guardia Civil, a representative from the International Atomic Energy Agency, a researcher from the Serbian VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences and the Emergency Operation Center Manager from the U.S. Navy.

The video of the whole event and the demo will be published soon.